What is the purpose of a Fellowship Dinner?
Participating in a fellowship dinner allows you an opportunity to connect with folks of other cultures, backgrounds and ages from ABC, and to learn more about them. All this while enjoying a wonderful meal supplied by all those attending; drawing upon the wisdom of others within the church body; relaxing, laughing and praying with other brothers and sisters in Christ.

Where will the dinners be held?
When you sign up below for the dinner, you are also given an opportunity to sign up to host a dinner in your home. The host will contact the other few individuals/families, usually 3 or 4, to arrange a mutually agreeable day and time in September or October for the meal. Usually the host provides the main course with all the participants bringing side dishes and dessert to complete the meal.

Will I need to travel far to attend the dinners?
Participants will be assigned to a host who lives within a reasonable proximity to their home. The purpose is for fellowship, not long commutes.

When can I sign up for the dinners?
Please fill out the form at the link below no later than September 12.

Click here to sign up for Fellowship Dinners