As we have taught through various books of the Bible, and studied various topics, we have covered some basic doctrines of the faith.  We have pulled these messages together to create this “Basic Doctrine” series.  Keep in mind each message in this list may contain a brief introduction related to their respective sermon series.  However, the main block of material then covers a doctrinal area that is foundational to our faith.

2Spiritual Birth
3Justification by Faith
4The Holy Spirit OT & NT
5Filling of the Holy Spirit
7The Angelic Conflict, the Invisible War
8The Exercise of Divine Sovereignty, 3 Wills
9Sanctification Defined
10Sanctification Provisions
14Worldviews of the Afterlife
15End Times Pt 1 - God's Promises to Israel
16End Times Pt 2 - The Kingdom Promises
17End Times Pt 3 - The Day of the Lord
18End Times Pt 4 - Jesus Tells of His Return
19End Times Part 5 - Where are We Today?
20The Role of Deacon
21Position in Christ & Election
22Predestination & Adoption
23Church Discipline